A Quick Biography of Scott Yancey

Scott Yancey came to be on July 9, 1969, and was raised in Studio City, CA. He or she is currently a highly-known real estate investor and a TV personality. In addition to this, he is a businessman and author. He or she is most widely known as the stars of your reality show “Flipping Vegas” which aired in the A&E network for five years from 2011 to 2014.

He made his first real estate property deal at age 14 after getting an insurance settlement. He eventually signed up for college and got his first job before he even graduated as a runner for real-estate attorney, Walter J. Plumb III. Since he explored his options in the real estate industry, he began learning every one of the ways to invest with the aid of Plumb. He began by helping with the purchase of a 40-unit complex and turned the units from apartments to condominiums.

He eventually began turning land deals into subdivisions and found a way of working independently as being a retail department store developer in Las Vegas, Provo and Tempe. Once the time came, he sold his stores and relocated to Las Vegas. Around 2008, he founded his real estate brokerage and investment firm, Goliath Company.

He started the flipping of numerous properties in Las Vegas to make money after you have a give attention to finding land to subsidize to large companies.

After enjoying plenty of success in this region, he with his fantastic wife Amie were invited to accomplish possible show with aAnd E. Scott Yancey is constantly are employed in real estate while offering seminars to individuals interested in gaining entry into the field of property investing. While his personality around the show was often thought of as temperamental, many individuals who have worked with him or taken a seminar find him to become pleasant and knowledgeable.